5 Reasons to Write a Follow Up Email After an Interview

Going on a job interview can be stressful, especially given the number of applicants that may be in the running for one position. Set yourself apart from the rest by sending a follow up email to the employer. Dropping a few lines to the interviewer can only help your chances of landing the position.

Show Them You’re Persistent

Sending a follow up email to a prospective employer lets them know you truly are interested in the job, and you’re not willing to give up too quickly. An email thanking them for their time and reiterating your interest in the position can be the one thing that puts you ahead of another potential candidate.

Expand on the Actual Interview

Interviewing for a job can make your nerves go haywire, so you might not be as level-headed during the interview as you should be. Sending an email after the interview gives you an opportunity to expand on points that you may not have expressed the way you wanted to. Once you’re out of the interview, you begin to think of things you should have said. A follow up email is the perfect way to touch on these points, and to correct any mistakes you may have made during the interview.

Good Manners Go a Long Way

Just like you send a thank you note when you get a gift, sending a follow up email to a prospective employer lets them know you appreciate the time they’ve given you. It shows your character, which may be just the thing that sets you apart from other candidates.

Don’t Let Them Forget About You

Many employers are inundated with tons of resumes and applications, and even though you’ve interviewed with them, you don’t want them to put you on the back burner. Keep your name in their heads by sending an email a day or two after the interview.

Tell Them You’re Interested

Of course the employer knows you want the job, but sending a follow up email can reiterate this claim. Let them know how much you appreciate their time and how much you enjoyed getting to know them. Tell them what you love about their company and the position and why you think you’d be a perfect match. Make sure there is no doubt in their mind that you want this job and are confident you can do it well.

Even if you think your interview went well, make sure to send a follow up email to solidify your interest. This simple gesture may determine whether or not you get the job.


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