7 Horrific Mistakes in Your Job Application Cover Letter

When you write your cover letter, every single detail counts. Your cover letter is your first impression so you need to make it work for you. Don’t make these 7 deadly mistakes when you are preparing your job application cover letter.

 #1 Sending your cover letter when you do NOT need to

Read carefully the job requirements; sometimes you do not need to attach a cover letter to your resume and you need to fill out an application form instead. Failure to do that could ruin your chances.

#2 Failing to address the letter to the specific person

You need to go the extra mile and find out what the name of  the person you are writing to is. If this implies making a phone call to the company to enquire about the name of the right person, do it.

#3 Telling the employer what the company can do for you instead of what you can do for the company

The hiring manager needs to feel that he needs you in his company, not the other way around. You need to appear confident enough in your job application cover letter and demonstrate strong marketing skills to sell yourself.

#4 Put your reader to sleep in the first sentence

You need to grab your employer’s attention from the very first lines; Like in an arena, you need to “make an entrance” as the first impression, as often, is essential.

#5 Have typos, incorrect grammar and misspellings

Your cover letter needs to be mistake-free. You can proofread it yourself or ask a friend to do so.

#6 Rehash your resume

Your employer does not need you to repeat your resume. Just highlight the key aspects that make your application relevant.

#7 Forget to sign your letter

Since you are very likely to type your job application cover letter, do not forget to sign it at the end; otherwise you are just a robot.

Do you know what is the secret sentence used in one out of a thousand cover letters? Use this secret sentence and you will dramatically increase your chances of getting a job interview.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/2011694


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