Do Job Search Websites Work

If you find yourself looking for a job or a change in career, then you need to make the numbers work for you. In today’s economy- and technology-driven world, you need to give yourself the best possible chance of finding a job and you can do that by learning more about the way in which present-day job seekers are finding their jobs. In other words, the days of perusing the want ads are over.

Online Job Search Websites

There are a number of different kinds of job search websites that you will find online, from those that let you list your resume for free, to those that charge you for having them shop your resume around. The type of website you use to get a job will likely depend on the field you are working in, how high up the corporate ladder you expect to be, and whether or not the career or job you are seeking is industry driven.

How Are People Finding Jobs?

It is currently estimated that one in 10 people will find their next job online. That could be because they are looking through job search websites such as or, or because they find an opening on a company’s website. Although that is a remarkably high percentage, it is even more important to understand that nine in 10 people don’t find their job online, so you can’t avoid increasing your network.

Most people who are looking for mid-range (approximately $50,000 per year) jobs tend to spend more than half their time looking for jobs and applying for them. While this is something that is relatively easy to do, job search websites are often out of date and the jobs you are applying for may have been filled a long time ago. There are indeed better ways to utilize your time if you are willing to put a little more work into your job search.

How Else Can You Find a Job?

In addition to using job search websites, you should also spend more of your time networking with people who could find you a job. You can do this by using a service such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or some of the other social media networks. This often requires a little more work, but the quality of job leads that you will get from contacts is almost always much better than applying for a simple listing for a job that you see online.

Improve Your Chances?

Did you know that four out of five employers will do a search for you online when they are going through the application process? Employers find this to be an easy way to weed out people who have clear issues, so it is a good time to look through your own Google results. Feel free to Google your own name and see what comes up. If it is a lot of negative or suspect information, then you might want to spend some time cleaning up your online reputation before you hit the job search websites.


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